About some stuff.

Hi, my name is Anton, and I like colouring, long walks on the beach,and getting caught in almost inevitable London rain.

Here's a bit about me...

I Code in (depending on the day and type of project):

I Build Embedded whatchamacallits with:

I usually can be found using Mac OS X (a very hacked up version, thatis perfectly mine)

When I edit text I use the editor of RSI crippled champions, Emacs.

If I find myself bored I'll be most likely booting up Linux (Kali) todabble around running random PyCuda scripts trying to crack my WiFi orcrush my server in a hopes of rebuilding it on-top of the rubble, stronger and more impenetrable then it was before.

Some things that interest me are...

GPU Accelerated Computing with Python, wearables, modular synthesis,embedded systems design, creative coding, Emacs, music production,foley, sound engineering, monome, open source software, MAKE magazine,3D Printing, screen printing, carpentry, hardware hacking, and typography.

if you wanna know more, look at my CV - it's got similar stuff plus abit more extra suit and tie sort of business stuff.