I decided, one fateful day (or maybe not so fateful, but rather ill-conceived) - that it would be a good idea to blog using orgmode. I use orgmode for many things - scheduling, expenses, charts of varying kind, time-tracking, the list goes on. Blogging in org seemed like a natural extension of this already ill-fated, ill-conceived, awesomely nerd trapped system I have developed for myself.

How it all came together

This blog uses a combination of a few tools that have become very dear to me - the aforementioned orgmode, ispell (because I’m using friggin emacs to write all this drivel), a ruby static site generator - nanoc, and some hacked together bits of code (one of which is org-ruby, I’ll explain this one in detail at a later time - there is a surprisingly limited amount of documentation on how to use it effectively)

All of this heaping junk pile of snippets has come together in isoty.pe - my effort to help clog the stinking drain that the Internet has become (don’t get me wrong I spend a good majority of my time in this cesspool of delights).

In [very needed] Conclusion

I feel I should warn, alert, tell you what you will encounter on this site - don’t be afraid, it’s not a NSFW warning (it could be a little though I guess, as your boss probably would not enjoy you wasting endless hours looking at pointless pictures of pandas) - the site is my endless hacking, tweaking, replace-stringing of the various tools I use on a daily basis to GSD (for the GTD crowd GSD is my version where I replace the David Allen acronym “Get Things Down” with the more work appropriate “Get Shit Done”)

I hope you enjoy this journey to the deep, bon voyage to sanity, this different, but hopefully better foray into Internet cesspiting.