It never ceases to amaze me how long I can procrastinate before actually deciding to get shit done. It would maybe be not as troubling if I hated what I do on a daily basis, or the work that I had to get done was mind numbing dull, but it’s unfortunately not (I saw unfortunately because then I would have an excuse as to why I’m a lazy sod).

Brief notes on a day

I would like to say I wake up energised and rearing to go, but like most, I wake in a fog, dragging my sulking ass out of bed, trying desperately to summon some celestial force to help me muster the focus to stay on track with tasks I need to get done. Side note: Freelance is the procrastinators worst nightmare (although I have found many a way to procrastinate in a normal work environment as well, see also: reverse toilet sleeping)

After raking large amounts of crust from my tired eyes I start my already behind day with a cup of tea and a wonderfully delicious cigarette (if you don’t smoke you should try it, really it’s a lot of fun (no sarcasm, just pure smoking love))

Smoking and tea drinking over, I either turn on some stupid cartoon on one of a handful of streaming TV websites and proceed to say at the end of every episode “after this one I’ll get to work” - this has become problematic to the point that I downloaded an app to block specific sites (unfortunately I never turn this app on).

Once TV show watching has been completed I continue doing absolutely useless, time wasting activities - one of my favourite being the aimless pursuit of customising Emacs to the point of insanity.

The Emacs Curse

I believe Richard Stallman whilst designing Emacs, deviously devised to create a piece of shit, almost text editor, time vampire that was more addictive then Facebook or all its other time sucking compadres.

Half serial time killer, half insane genius, Stallman created the bane of my existence, as for some reason I feel as though changing my dotemacs file is somehow kind of like doing actual work - this is not the case.

The calm after the storm

With the drudge through the wasteland that is my morning over, actual money making, cash flowing work can begin - this usually means possibly taking a shower and then eating food so that around 3pm I can start sewing, soldering, or hacking some slapped together, haphazardly made project together.

All in all work does get done and deadlines are hit, but oh how I crave the day when this process is mitigated down to a streamline flow making a 40 hour work week possibly possible.

In (ardently needed) conclusion

It’s a love hate thing in my opinion - procrastination is beautiful - almost wonderful to say the least - the unfortunate part is that ignorance does not exist, making it virtually impossible to forget the fact that if all the chaff could be removed, I might actually build something useful for myself, and possibly others.

Another 20 minutes down the drain writing this god forsaken pile of empty words - I really hope you didn’t read to the end of this - if so go to some work, or find a better blog to read.

I like turtles.